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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Tor Browser Bundle 3.5.4 Free Download For Windows , Mac OS X and Linux

The internet is an so much useful invention after computer and that's why internet users are increasing day by day . But on the other hand , our governments are getting stricter . Almost in all countries , governments are making hard rules and laws related to online censorship .
It maybe possible that your favorite website is blocked in your country by your government . Tor Browser Bundle is a perfect solution to unblock any blocked website . It is a Moilla Firefox based web browser and Its ability of easy to use makes it more popular and worthwhile . 

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Wise Disk Cleaner 8.22.582 Free Download EXE And Portable

We should remove unnecessary files from hard drives . It is a best habit to enjoy full system's performance and speed . As well as you can get morefree disk space by doing so . offline unnecessary like History , broken shortcuts , duplicate files , and temporary files , recycle bin and in your browser ,  temporary files such as cookies , history etc can create problems for PC performance and speed . Whenever you uninstall a software . It may leave many junks and unnecessary files that cause slow down PC performance and speed .

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CCleaner 4.16.4763 Free Download For Windows

You have 3.5 GHZ latest processor and 4 GB Ram but sometimes it might be just nothing because many of desktop PC and laptop users have to face slow speed and performance problem despite of having all these high system resources . Have you ever observed ? When you install new Windows or perform a clean installation . Initially after clean installation your PC or laptop works very well and performs its best . But after a few days , you start to face slow performance and speed and as well as get lots of system errors . Well many of PC and laptop users finds performing again clean installation is only a solution , even I have seen many of friends who perform a clean installation in a week .

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COMODO Backup Free Download

Though our PC is an appropriate place to save our private or important data but on the other hand it would not be wrong to say that our PC's hard drive is a very unpredictable thing and hard drive may be get corrupted any time and you loss all important data , if don't lose then may be damaged . Therefore backing up data is very important . 
But often many of us neglect backing up badly . Don't backing up , Tough it has many reasons but there two vital reasons , 1- backing up process is slightly difficult to do and 2- Many of PC users can't afford a paid backing up software's price .

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Geek Uninstaller Free Download

Whenever you uninstall a software using default " Windows Add or Remove Programs " chances are extremely high that you uninstalled software may leave unnecessary and harmful leftovers . And this garbage could make problems for your PC speed and performance . 
GeekUninstaller can do all this much better than Windows default uninstalling feature . GeekUninstaller performs deep and fast scanning afterwards and removes all leftovers and you get a smooth and errors free PC speed and performance experience .

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Paint.NET 4.0.3 Free Download

If you are looking for a free adobe photoshop alternative then you can use Paint.NET for free . Paint.NET is known as one of the best and free alternatives for Adobe Photoshop cs2 .
Paint.NET is a free image and photo manipulation tool . This photo editing software is designed for Microsoft Windows . Paint.NET has an easy to use and user friendly interface which easy to use and understand for both beginners and experienced users alike . Its tab based interface makes it more easier to handle if you are working on multiple projects at a time . You can see a live thumbnail of the image instead of a text description via tabs and you can navigate more faster and easily .

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

UltraSurf 14.02 Free Download

If your government or internet service has strict internet censorship rules and don't let browse your websites and you are looking for a way to unblock your favorite website but it should be for free too . UltraSurf has been designed for you . This tiny free VPN software will help you to unblock any blocked website whether it is blocked by the government or from your internet service provider .
UltraSurf also can be used to protect your online privacy . It protects your privacy online with anonymous smart surfing and browsing ability and as well as it hides your real IP address, clears browsing history, cookies etc.

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